Matter 2019

The second Matter gathering (see“Matter 2018”to learn what Matter is) was as inspiring as the first year and gave me much to think on, act on, and connected me with people who have become close friends. So good!! Similar to the year before, I created art for the space, art for the materials, and hand-lettered each name tag. (Yes, big love for each person did indeed fully inhabit my arty heart once again!) I let the vibe of the venue be the prompt for choosing the style and shape of the name tags and despite the “help” of one of my fur children, I painted and lettered a couple hundred circular name tags (paper coasters!) for the group of us who gathered at Ruby Street in Los Angeles for Matter 2019. I took some supplies with me so I could make name tags on the spot if need be and my customization-loving heart was warmed when one attendee took me up on the offer to make him a new name tag featuring his nickname vs. his formal name. And yes, I shed a few happy tears when I saw people carefully packing their name tags away as little keepsakes at the end of the conference.