The biggest painting I have far

I called this piece "Gigantor" when I was working on it but the real title is "A Complicated Peace." I have come to understand that true peace has much more to do with acceptance than it does with circumstances. Learning this and embracing it is one of the gifts of aging. Given that cognitive decline, cellulite, and forgetting what I came into a room for are also "gifts" of aging, I'm going to embrace this one extra hard!

"A Complicated Peace" is 5 x 18 feet and is available for purchase or rent.

The tree bark which inspired this art. I saw it while running and was so
taken with it that I ran all the way back home and got my camera and
returned to the inspirational tree for a photo shoot!
I painted this piece outside...because it didn't fit in my house or studio at the time!
Telling some cute kids about my art when it was on display at the Cap Radio studios in Sacramento. This was during the era when I wasn't yet a full-time artist and spent a lot of my time planning field trips and endless art projects for my kids' entire school.